Conan Exiles Review

Conan Exiles is a survival game which Funcom has developed and published. In the game, players assume the role of an exiled warrior who must survive in the barbaric wasteland—a place where only the strong survives.

You can play the game on your server, or with allies and enemies on an online multiplayer game. Other features of the game include interactive NPCs, day/night system, and customization options for your character.


You have to fight hunger, thirst, fight, collect items and armors, etc. in order to survive and dominate the place. You can also build your own house and fortress to fend of monsters and enemies.

There is no narrative to help guide players, so you will have to journey and explore the world on your own. Your goal is to dominate your enemies in a duel or a battle. The winner earns the territory.


You’ll find that Conan Exiles has one of the best graphics in all survival games. It features a desert with lush ferns, the Noob river, tributaries, ziggurats, iron temples, prohibited caves—all of which are great reflection of the ancient civilization. The characters including fantastical creatures, NPCs, and the player are also detailed. However, the extra details like rocks and plants may look like toy sets put on a mat of land.


The AI for the game is not yet perfect. In fact, it functions like one of those MMORPG mobs, just standing firmly on a limited area. Human NPCs are also fighting together with sumo-turtles, something that should be fixed if they want to achieve natural antagonism.

When you swing your blade to your enemies, they follow you on an axis without friction and rope your attack, so looping around them is impossible. Fighting the sumo-turtles seems monotonous.

The game uses a stat point leveling system which is okay. However, overall, the gameplay needs to improve.

Final Verdict

The game could easily earn a 7.9 as Funcom has built a survival game that’s refreshingly good. Improvements on the graphics and gameplay could make it even better.

Access it here on steam.

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