For Honor Review

For Honor is an action fighting game which Ubisoft has developed and published for Xbox One, PlayStation4, and Microsoft Windows. It features a melee battle system which allows the players to assume the roles of historical fighters like Vikings, samurai, and knights. It displays about 12 maps, each with 4-6 variants. Thus, there’s a total of 60 battlefields in the game.

You can play the game a single-player or with multiple players.


The game is set in the medieval era. Players need to choose between the three factions—Vikings, Samurai, and Knights and do everything they can in order to earn points. The faction with most points will be announced as the winner after each season (10 weeks) and will receive items.

You need to attack fortresses and castles to massive battles or challenge characters to an intense duel. The main goal is for your faction to survive and defeat the enemies.


You can play For Honor on low or ultra graphics. Choose the latter for better shadows and occlusion. It’ll also look crispier, especially when displaying the sceneries. Still, the low quality is not that bad. The lighting and the long draw distances are portrayed well.

The maps are the most notable feature in the game. They made with amazing details, thus capturing the time in which the game is set. There’s no denying that the game’s graphics is something Ubisoft should be proud of.


The game uses simple combat mechanics. You can get total control of your weapon by holding the right stick up, right, or left for direction, and R1 and R2 for light/heavy attacks. You can also parry, counter, and engage in advanced weapon maneuver.

What makes the battles and duels thrilling is that they can be decided within seconds after the command is given. There’s no room for error.

Final Verdict

For Honor deserves to get 8.5 as it offers a good story, graphics, and gameplay. It can easily win the hearts of many gamers.

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