Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six® Siege Review

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an installment of the popular first-person game by Ubisoft. It invites players to master the art of fighting in close quarters, develop tactics, improve team play, and engage in explosive actions. It’s known for its intense firefights and game strategies like the previous Tom Clancy Six games. Unlike the previous ones, however, it has no campaign and can only be played in an online mode.


Players will make strategies with their teammates, lay traps, and reinforce destructible walls to defeat the enemies. There will be no regenerating, no respawning, etc. Each team will have five members and every life is considered valuable. You have to monitor your team’s health and condition through monitor cameras.

The game mostly involves running and shooting. However, you can also use drones to scout the area ahead of you to minimize the risk of surprise attacks. Players have to better freedom and more options compared to previous games under the same name.


Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege gives better graphics on PC. It has high rendering resolutions and advanced effects by NVIDIA GameWorks, which raise its graphical fidelity. Its ambient occlusion option allows you to choose between SSBC effect, and HBAO+ technique. It generally delivers improved shadowing that its predecessors.


The game allows players to control an operator of their choice. Different operators have different weapons and gadgets. Since it uses an asymmetrical structure, teams would not always be balanced according to their ability choices.

The game emphasizes close-quarter combats and environmental destruction. There’s also procedural destruction system in the game. You can break walls and other structures by planting explosives or shoot to make holes. On the other hand, players can also increase their defense by fortifying walls and using shields.

Vertical space is the most important element in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege gameplay.

Final Verdict

The game earns an 8 with its strategic depth which appeals to all players. The game’s intensity is highly enjoyed .

Get access to the game here.

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