CS:GO 2016 Updates and Reviews

Counter Strike: Global Offensive—who does not like playing this game? I still consider it to be the best first point shooter game (FPS) yet.  In fact, it currently tops the list of my favorite games ever. Collecting all the CS:GO Skins available can become very addictive.

CS:GO is not updated the same way as the other eSports. While they would usually test small changes at a time, CS:GO would go all out without any warning. While this can be frustrating, I view it as exciting. Also, the developers have a habit of being subtle, so there might be changes you will not directly notice. Its last update in the year 2016 was in December. Let’s see if you did not fail to take note of these changes.

SAS Counter-Terrorist models

The non-solid parts for the SAS Counter-Terrorist models are already fixed. Moreover, there are no longer rendering issues with regards every new character’s footstep shadow. Overall, the SAS Counter-Terrorist model for players has been upgraded.


The radar map for the Nuke has been updated. The railing on the crane is removed as well as a player’s ability to plant the bomb or climb up on top of the silos. The T entrance has been moved and there are added covers in the cubby, which is next to the ramp in the bombsite B. There are also new white, flat surface on the T side of the yard.


There is a new beep sound (C4) which increases the sound positioning of the HRTF, which is now on default. There is an added option that can enable and disable HRTF on the OSX and on the in-game sounds. Thus, there’s a reduced latency of the HRTF and an improved 360-degree horizontal and vertical sound positioning. If you want to disable HRTF, you only have to select the alternative speaker configuration. To maximize HRTF, turn off any external audio driver options.

Also, the issue with regards muffled sound due to upsampling is fixed.

Public Lobbies

The Public Lobbies is the new name for the friends panel, which is used to take the name Steam Groups. This panel will show near the public loobies and other suggested steam groups’ lobbies. It will support the broadcasting of all players near you. Hence, you can use it in setting for friends and groups. It will also display the countries in which your members are from.

The mentioned updates have visibly improved CS:GO. However, developers have not stopped in making it better. New updates are still added every month. In fact, the latest ones are from Feb 2017.

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