Top 5 Interior Designing App for Interior Designing

Interior designing is not an easy task. Designing takes a lot of effort and details to create a very beautiful house. When designing your interiors, it is very important that you take note of the things that you need to add and consider when decorating the room.

Apple Notes

You can choose from either of these files to attach, like a picture of the best kerosene heater that you saw in the department store with just the right color and are thinking of using as a portable heating device. To attach files into your notepad, you can tap the plus sign in the middle of the notepad.

One of the apps that you can use for interior designing is Apple Note. One of the best things about this tool is that you can create a checklist, attach files, and sketch floor plans. It is also equipped with rulers to make it easier for you to measure shapes and other things. In addition to this, it is also easy to use.

You can start sketching by tapping the pen icon and choose from the various tips and colors for your sketch. You can also add a person’s name to that specific note so he or she can read and see what the plans you have for that specific interior.


Pinterest is not just a visual bookmarking tool for HD quality pictures. It can also be used as an inspiration board for your upcoming designs. You can create a Pinterest Board and bookmark all the pictures that you want to add to your next design. You can also upload pictures and add them to your Pinterest board.

Vogue Living

Another app that you can use for interior designing is the Vogue Living app. This app is similar to a digital magazine that contains several prints that you can use as an inspiration for your next house design. Aside from the digital prints, you can also see several interactive extras that you can use for your dream home. The app also provides house tours and behind-the-scenes videos that you can enjoy watching for inspiration.

Homestyler Interior Design

If you want an app that can help you visualize your interior design ideas, you can download this app. This app allows you to create a virtual room wherein you can change the wall colors, move and add furniture to your home. You can easily do this by taking a picture of your current space, from there you can tweak the colors and furniture depending on your current theme.

Dulux Color

Another app that you can use is the Dulux Color. This app allows you to simulate what color is the best for your home. If you happen to see the perfect color for your walls, take a snapshot of it and point the camera to your wall and see if it fits your taste. You can also check out some of the suggested shades from the app. In this way, you can easily decide on the best color for your exterior and interior walls.

These are just some of the interior designing apps that you could use to help you keep track of the designs that you want to apply to your home. Which app is the best one for you?



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