Importance of Social Media in the Gaming Industry

Entertainment has played an important role in the daily lives of people all over the world for many years. Initially, families listened to radio broadcasts to avert boredom and to gain useful information and eventually, the television served the same purpose after its invention. Moreover, the growing popularity of electronic gaming has led to the adoption of the console and personal computer-based games as an alternative form of entertainment. In fact, 32% of teenagers have access to smartphones with Instagram as one of the leading social media platforms eventually leading to more demands for Instagram Account Security support and other social media needs to avoid any Instagram password hacker. Moreover, the conclusions of an ESA study that was published in the year 2016 show that there are approximately 1.8 billion gaming enthusiasts worldwide.

The predominant consoles in the market today include the Xbox One and the Sony PlayStation 4 in addition to PC gaming. Furthermore, mobile gadgets such as tablets and phones also provide a platform for games. The gaming industry is highly profitable to established and popular brands with financial reports estimating the annual revenue of the year 2017 at 78.61 billion dollars.

Social media competes with gaming for the attention of computer users. Studies show that 22% of the people in the world are Facebook users while 81% of the youth log into Twitter at least once every day. The rise of social media has helped to promote the electronic gaming industry by providing free advertising, online games, and aiding the development of professional gamers.

Free Online Advertising

Before the emergence of social media, gamers used to rely on gaming magazines and experts for information concerning their best games. Now, access to such news is easier due to the adverts posted on social media by gaming companies. Reviews for upcoming games can be found on blogs, YouTube channels, Twitter, and Facebook.

Consequently, the games benefit from the free advertising that results from individuals expressing their personal opinion about their favourite games as well as discussing their playing tactics. Such discussions draw the attention of people who have no prior experience with computer games and encourages them to try them out as well.

Online games

Social media instigated the development of online games as it serves as an advertising platform for these games to social media users. Online games include lottery, casinos, role-playing games that involve multiple players. Moreover, traditional games such as solitaire and chess have online multiplayer forms. There are more games that are sprouting here and there, and we can expect more and more to come.

Professional Gamers

Professional gamers are gaming enthusiasts who take part in electronic sports competitions for huge cash prices before an audience. This profession has evolved to its present competitive form due to the increasing interest in gaming that is promoted by social media advertising. Moreover, social media can be used to attract an audience for professional gaming events. An example is the International DOTA 2 tournament that was held in the year 2016. The cash prize for the winning group was 20.77 million dollars and it was shared between sixteen teams. This only shows that the gaming industry is here to stay, and social media is one of its great propellers.

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