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Ranking Video Game Movies from Best to Worst

Movies based on video games aren’t always welcome in the world of films, given the fact that there haven’t been many successful video game movies in history. According to research released by putlockers, movie studios still perceive the genre to have great potential and therefore, continue to produce films of the same genre. Below, we rank video game movies from best to worst just to help you know which to watch and which to avoid.

The Best

Resident Evil (2002)

The movie features Milla Jovovich as the heroine in a post-apocalyptic world. It is considered as one of the genre’s most successful movie franchise to date.

Tomb Raider (2001)

This movie features Angelina Jolie as a globe-trotting heroine battling a sinister organization known as the Illuminati. It proved that actresses could also perform well in action movies.

Mortal Kombat (1995)

This video game movie is about martial arts contests that pit evil forces of the outworld against the best warriors on earth. The fate of the world rests on the ability of the warriors to defeat the evil contingent.

The Worst

BloodRayne (2005)

BloodRayne was released in the year 2006, and it attracted great criticism with Rotten Tomatoes giving it a rating of 4%. Moreover, it managed to attain six Golden Rasberrys from an institution whose purpose is to identify underwhelming movies. Uwe Boll, who is renowned for creating absurd video game movies, directed the movie. The movie is criticized for low-quality special effects, mediocre acting, an awful script and bad directing.

Wing Commander (1999)

The film was released in the year 1999, and it features Mathew Lillard and Freddie Prince Jr as space fighters. Chris Roberts, who also takes credit for creating the video game, directs this film. The effects in this movie were not satisfactory, and the dialogue is boring for the audience.

Doom (2005)

It is widely considered to be the worst film that features Dwayne Johnson, and it combines aspects of science fiction with those of action movies with disastrous consequences. Moreover, in its confusion about its identity, it sometimes adopts a first-person shooter perspective that alienates members of the audience who feel like they are observing a video game.

Double Dragon (1994)

This movie was released a year after the lacklustre performance of Mario. It features Mark Dacascos and Scott Wolf as brothers who are karate experts facing villains in a post-apocalyptic city known as New Angeles. Although it managed to gain popularity in Latin America, audiences around the world felt disappointed by its lack of creativity.

Super Mario Bros (1993)

John Leguizamo and Bob Hoskins play the role of plumbers Mario and Luigi in a virtual realm where dinosaurs are the progenitors of humans. It was the first release in the genre of video game movies, and it failed to capture the imagination of viewers and critics. The film was directed by Roland Joffe.

In conclusion, the video game movie genre has evolved gradually to produce top quality films in recent times. This is contrary to the initial expectations of movie industry analysts who thought the genre was doomed after the release of the underperforming Super Mario Bros movie.

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