Game Apps to Play on Road Trip

5 Fun Game Apps to Play on Your Long Road Trip

Are you headed on a long road trip for your upcoming student travel? The long trip could be tiring and can get boring. When boredom strikes, it could lose everyone’s enthusiasm in the middle of the road. Don’t let boredom lose the fun and excitement! Keep everyone’s spirits up through playing one of these fun game apps!

Heads Up

Do you enjoy the “Heads Up” game that Ellen DeGeneres plays on her show? This sensational game now has an app that you and your friends will surely enjoy playing during your student tours by Peak Performance. It also lets you video the gameplay! Watch the video with your friends and share a good time laughing at how the gameplay went.

There are several categories that you can choose from, including celebrities, movies, animals, accents, characters, and many more. Have fun guessing the right word on the card on your head!

The best part is, Your friends will give the clues to help you figure out the right answer before the time is up!

What if

What if is another fun game app that you can try with your friends on your student travel. Get to know more about your friends in a hilarious way!

While one person runs it on their phone, that person may read each question aloud. You may all decide whether everyone should answer each question or just let one person answer per question.

The game app will reveal the percentage of people who had the same answer as you. What makes it fun is the set of questions that can be casual, personal, challenging, and crazy. Have fun knowing how many people will actually have the same answer with you especially for those crazy questions.

Roadtrip Bingo

Roadtrip Bingo

Fond of the Bingo game? Play Roadtrip Bingo with your friends while you’re on the road. Choose from nine different boards games from the game app. Every player can start ticking off the items from the board as soon as they spot it while on the trip.

This is a great way for you and your friends to stay awake in your school travel. The game pushes everyone to focus on the road, looking for the items on the board. While doing this, all of you will have the chance to discover new good places that you pass by. Isn’t it amazing to discover new places that you’ll want to check out next time?

Funblast Trivia!

Compete with your friends in this exciting quiz game: Funblast! Trivia and wear off the boredom during one of your school tours.

Answer the most intriguing, interesting and controversial questions from different game categories such as TV, Movies, History, Politics, Literature, Geography, Pop Culture, and many more. It has four fun play game modes that you can try with your friends: Bet Big, Go Fast, Trivia Fun, and Millionaire. You can play it with 1-player, 2-player, or even Team-play.


Play this most popular word game with your friends and test your brain. Figure out the right word out of the two pictures that will be flashed on the screen. When you can’t guess it, you may ask your friends to help you figure out the answer.

Aren’t these game apps exciting? Make sure to install all the game apps that you liked, so you won’t run out of game apps to play with your buddies on your next school travel.

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