Grand Theft Auto 6- News and Rumors

Are you and your friends some of the avid gamers of Grand Theft Auto on PC? If so, you need to prepare yourself for Grand Theft Auto 6. This new update will send you and your peers the excitement of having it as soon as it is released!

Apparently, there is no rumor about its release date as of the moment. So, this is actually a great opportunity to speculate. What could be your wish list for شفرات جاتا سان اندرس Read on for the most recent rumors about it.

Female Protagonist

GTA has always had a male protagonist to play for the characters. It sure seems like you could not choose anybody else. How about a change in the protagonist, right? An appealing female protagonist would definitely be awesome!

Besides, maybe it’s time to appreciate the strength of female characters when it comes to these games. The last seen female supporting character was Catalina from Grand Theft Auto 3. Perhaps it’s time for a development in this section? That would totally be great.

New Location

Playing Grand Theft Auto on PC would also be more appreciated if it is in a new location. In fact, this has been one of the wish lists for GTA 6. What were the locations that you have explored with GTA? Don’t you think you want to have more? Well, that would definitely be cool.

Apparently, Vice City, Liberty City, and San Andreas were the most explored locations in seemingly all of the GTA series. A change of location would actually improve your gaming skills!

More Vehicle Variation

How do you find vehicles in GTA? Cool cars, big bikes, the usual. If you are getting used to these rides already, then it is time to demand new ones. How about some rollerblades and skateboards even? This would be a smooth way to go and explore some new places, right?

In fact, having more vehicle variation would totally be awesome for you. Not only will you be able to have more choices, but you will also get to experience having your choice of vehicle in a new place to explore! In trying new things, you will need to adjust and adapt. This also means that you can learn more tricks.

Console and PC Launch

The simultaneous launch of console and PC would totally be cool. The newest GTA game, together with the latest technology, can absolutely give you a satisfactory feeling.

Virtual Reality Support

What makes the current GTA 5 a hit was the added feature of realism. With the technological advancement in VR support, you can finally have a realistic experience with GTA 6!

These are the rumors that have been going on for GTA 6. Apparently, you are not the only one who wants all of these updates to come into reality. So, while waiting for the release date, you might as well make your voices loud enough to be heard by the makers of this fantastic game so your wishes may be granted.

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