Greatest Cheats in Video Gaming

Top 5 Greatest Cheats in Video Gaming History

Cheat codes are known as a gamer’s best friend. Cheats aren’t only there to make your games easier, but they’re also there to kind of add a new dimension to your gameplay. You can unlock secret stuff, gain new looks, and get other cool stuff to enhance your gameplay.

That said, here are the top 5 best cheats in gaming history ever:

Play as Akuma in Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Akuma is somewhat a secret character in this classic Street Fighter game, and that means you’ll have to know how to do the private cheat software if you want to unlock him. To activate the cheat, simply go to Character Select then hover on Ryu for three seconds. After that, go to T. Hawk for another three seconds. Click left and hover on Guile for three seconds. Press the down button then left button then hover over Cammy for three seconds. After that, press left then up and go back to Ryu for three seconds again. Right after, press HP + MP + LP + START. Once you do this, Akuma should appear.

Unlock Mew in Pokemon Blue, Red, and Yellow

In the old first-gen Pokemon games, Mew wasn’t an actual Pokemon. Mewtwo was actually the last recorded Pokemon. Mew was just somehow added as a joke by the Gameboy creators when they finished it. If you use glitch cheats, you can activate Mew and capture it. The fastest way would be to play until you get HM02 (fly). Make sure you don’t fight the Youngster in Route 25 and the Gambler in Route 8.

Once you have fly, go to the entrance of the Underground Path in Route 8 and save. After that, press down and click Start quickly without the Gambler below seeing you. If you do this successfully, your menu should pop up. From there, select a Pokemon that knows fly and fly to Cerulean.

When you’re about to fly, the Gambler will spot you but you’ll be flying off so you’ll avoid a fight. After that, let the Youngster in Route 25 spot you and fight him. Beat him and fly to Lavender Town and go to Route 8. In the small path, the menu will pop out. Press B and then press B again for Mew to appear.

Get the Warp Whistle in Super Mario Bros 3

The Warp Whistle allows you to warp levels ahead of your own. To get one, go to World 1-3 and go to the white block. After that, duck for a few seconds and you’ll drop down. Move all the way right and you’ll end up in Toad’s House. From there, he’ll give you the Warp Whistle which will allow you to go to World 8.

Make Cars Fly in GTA San Andreas

This is one of the coolest cheats that you’ll ever find – ever! It’s a simple cheat code that’ll allow you to make your car fly! All you have to do is steal yourself a car then press Square, Down, L2, Up, L1, Circle, Up, X, Left. After that, you should make your car fly.

Konami Code

The last code is a classic one: the Konami Code. Most people tried it out in Contra at first because of Contra’s high difficulty. The Konami Code allowed you to get 30 lives. After that, people started using it in every Konami game that came out. Most of them had a lot of free stuff. To activate the Konami Code, press up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. After that, your code should be activated.


Cheat codes are a part of every gamer’s experience. Some of them are simple while some are a little more complicated. In any case, cheat codes are awesome and they make playing a lot more enjoyable. These are the top 5 that have braced the video game historical records for years.

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