Best Bags For Gamers

Not all backpacks are suited for carrying gaming gear. The best gaming backpack should have all the important features that will protect your laptop and gaming gear from extreme weather and external damage. However, finding the right gaming and event tote bags can be daunting, and numerous factors need to be considered. Here is a list of some of the best bags for gamers.

Asus Republic of Gamers Shuttle Backpack

Republic of Gamers is an ideal backpack for protecting your consoles and laptops against damage thanks to its padded interior. Also, the water resistant coating gives you peace of mind as it provides extra protection to your items.

It is designed with a large and long zipper for quick access to your things at the bottom of the bag, and it can comfortably fit laptops of about 17 inches and above. This backpack has also been designed with ergonomic back pane to ensure comfort and prevent back pain throughout the day.

Everki Beacon Laptop/Console Backpack

The ideal backpack for carrying a large and heavy gaming laptop that measures up to 18 inches. Everki Beacon backpack comes with hip pockets to help you easily reach small items without needing to open the main zipper. It also comes with a sleeve perfectly suited to carry gaming console like Xbox and PS4. The 5-point balance strap system helps to distribute weight and ensure comfort.

Acer Predator Gaming Utility Backpack

The Utility is the best backpack for gamers who like to travel often as it features wheels. Not only is it huge and can comfortably accommodate a 17-inch gaming laptop, but it also features pockets that offer extra security for your headsets. The bottom pocket is dedicated for storing your power adaptor brick.

The backpack has padding to keep you and your gear comfortable when you are on the move. Its grey water-repellant fabric ensures that your belongings are protected at all times.

Tote Bags

Believe it or not, there are a wide range of tote bags designed for carrying video games merchandise. You can get custom tote bags designed by independent artists and designers depending on your needs and preferences. The bags can be customized with pictures, personalized text or monograms. This way, you will be able to express your passion for gaming everywhere you go. Besides, tote bags are versatile and can be used for other purposes like shopping for grocery.

Mobile Edge Alienware Vindicator Briefcase

If you are looking for a grown up yet stylish gaming bag, the Vindicator briefcase is definitely for you. With its angular design, this bag comes with padded shoulder straps as well as with handles, so you can carry it like a briefcase. It features zippered compartments as well as padded laptop and tablet pockets. According to Mobile Edge, the compartments are checkpoint friendly for use in airports. This model is made from high density nylon and fabric.

Kids Mushroom Backpack

Inspired by the 1UP, the Kids Mushroom bag is designed for children. It features small pockets for storing gaming items like PS Vita, small game cards and figurines. Its lightweight design makes it great for kids who move around with gaming items since it weighs less than one pound.

When looking for a game backpack, numerous factors need to be taken into consideration. You want a gaming bag that is comfortable, flexible, waterproof, and large enough to carry your console, laptop, tablet, headset, controller and other gaming gear.

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