Best Food and Cooking Games You Can Get from the Apple App Store

You cannot achieve and enjoy healthy home cooking if you have no recipe and ingredients required to make a meal. It gets worse if you have them but are unable to follow the process. The good news is that you can learn how to make different delicious meals in a fun and engaging way. What’s more, you can create a virtual world where you are a pro not only in healthy home cooking but also in food tasting. Want even more freebies? here is the discount on your sun basket order by 50% valid on Monday only.

The best food and cooking games you can get from the Apple App Store have it all, exposing you to what you need to be able to cook that dream meal. Here is a glance at five cooking games you need to try out.

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook!

With Cooking Mama Let’s Cook, you take the role of “Mama.” Here, you can use the best ingredients available and recipe to amaze “Papa’s” taste. The challenge is to get as many stars as possible from Papa by producing the best food. Accumulate more stars to unlock special and seasonal recipes. The unlocked features give you multiple combinations that you can use to make that fantastic meal.

Cooking DASH

Familiar scenery is what you get with Cooking Dash, but this time, you are on decks. Here, you get to handle the busy kitchen activities. Customers come in and you get them settled, take their orders, cook their food and serve it. After they are done, you collect the check and clear the plates.

The challenge here is keeping your customers happy. As they come in, five hearts rest over their heads, and it is your job to ensure they stay there. One wrong move and a heart is gone signaling dissatisfaction. As you accumulate profit, you get to expand your business by acquiring better facilities.

Pancake Maker

Well, if pancakes are your favorite snacks, you can’t miss this game. The game takes you on a step-by-step quest of making pancakes. From mixing the ingredients to ensuring that you remembered to spray the pan before pouring the batter in to ensure it does not get stuck, you will be a pancake pro after indulging in the game.

Restaurant Story 2

The game involves not only cooking but also interaction with nature. You get to grow and harvest your own healthy ingredients. This creates awareness regarding healthy home cooking given that you will gather the knowledge of good components required to make a balanced diet. Pleasing your customers with creative and traditional meals is the order of the day. As you play, you can customize the kitchen to your liking.

Street Food Tycoon

Here, you get to start from scratch; raise capital, acquire equipment, and finally kick off your food business. The basics are the same; if you take too long, you lose a customer, and if you miss the order requirements, the customer will leave dissatisfied. The game is a simulation of how the real world is.

There are numerous food and cooking games that you can get from the Apple store, each with a set of challenges. By the end of the day, you will gain a skill or two from cooking and running a food business.

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