Top Currencies in Video Games

While playing a game, there is actually more you can do when you have money. Nowadays, there are a number of video games that are going along with the real world that money has also become important. There are even simple games that use an in-game currency so that you can buy runescape gold and complete a quest, but these are more common in Role Playing Games.

There are some free-to-play games that choose to integrate multiple currency models for their advantage. This begins from the idea of the former free-to-play games that uses a dual currency system. Dual currency is easier to comprehend than the multiple currency models, but they both have the same purposes: a player can play for free and then earn money through the game, or use real-life currency for in-game currencies to speed up with the game progress. By far, the following are the top currencies used inside a game.

Munny (Kingdom Hearts Series)

This currency is used inside the Kingdom Hearts game series. However, this would be unnoticed as you progress through the game by gathering energy spheres and defeating a lot of heartless. You probably wouldn’t have time to focus on the little yellow diamonds. But, this game has a smart response to Square Enix to use another currency aside from Gil.

Zenny (Capcom Videogames)

Most capcom games all have something in common: the currency. Capcom came up with the idea of using Zenny to cover a number of their video games like Forgotten Worlds or Megaman series, but there are still some of their games that missed it. This currency is considered one of the oldest currency for video games.

Pesetas (Resident Evil 4)

Pesetas might have only appeared in one video game, but this currency by far is the most realistic as it also used as a real-life currency. Approximately, it is used in Spain for a century until Euro came in and replaced Pesetas during the first years of the 21st century. It might be a little late since the game started in 2004 where Euro is already in use, but since the game was somewhat stuck in the past, this currency somewhat adds more to that feeling.

Rupees (The Legend of Zelda Series)

The Legend of Zelda series is the very first video game series that inserts money as one of the important elements in both adventure games and RPGs. Before this game was launched, using money inside a game is pointless due to the fact that there is nothing you can buy and the materials you have in the game is either given or you can find it. The Legend of Zelda also has the same mechanism, but you can use Rupees to buy something you might need like a bomb, a weapon, or maybe an armor. Rupees are one of those in-game currencies that has a lot of colors that corresponds to a certain value. Like Pesetas, it is also a realistic currency because it is actually a real money used in India.


This currency is a default currency for any video game, be it an adventure game, role-playing games, and such. It is so much used and common among the games that require you to buy something you can use to progress through it. Gold is the ultimate and easiest currency that actually exists in a multitude of games, so any player must be already familiar about it.


Using currencies in a game help you progress through it and actually beat it. There are cases where you cannot move from one point to another if you don’t use the in-game currency to get the materials required. There may also be instances that you will use real-life money to trade for an in-game currency so that you can get a rare item. One thing is for sure, in-game currencies are what make a game more exciting and entertaining than it already is.

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