About Xbox Live Gold As A Gamer

What You Need To Know About Xbox Live Gold As A Gamer

It is the dream of every gamer to enjoy a seamless gaming experience. Moreover, every gamer enjoys a variety of games to choose from, meaning that having a collection of games is a must-have. Games, however, can be costly, especially when it comes to new blockbuster releases. That is one of the reasons why you may need to get more Info about free Xbox live gold codes.

Owning Xbox One or Xbox 360 means that you are out for some gaming adventures. However, your joy may be limited, and that is where Xbox Live Gold comes in. Here is what you need to know about Xbox Live Gold as a gamer.

What Is Xbox Live Gold?

It is Microsoft’s online gaming subscription service that allows players to enjoy varying benefits. The subscription cost per month is $10. However, if you plan to stick to the subscription for an extended period, then you can opt for a more budget-friendly subscription of $60 per year or $25 for three months. The deal gets better since if you feel like you need a break, you can cancel your subscription and get your money back during the period when you have subscribed to the service.

What Do You Get From Xbox Live Gold?

Online Multiplayer Games Access

Xbox One or Xbox 360 allows you to connect with other gamers globally. However, when you sign up for Microsoft account on your Xbox, you are only granted access to basic level concepts. If you want to enjoy online multiplayer games, then you need Xbox Live Gold service. With the service, you also get party system and voice chat, taking your gaming experience to a whole new level.

Free Games

Getting new games for free is not only fun, but it also means you get to accumulate games in your collection. With Xbox Live Gold services, gamers are offered free games on a monthly basis through Games With Gold service. All you need to do is redeem and download the game, and it is all yours. For Xbox One owners, however, access to the games is only available as long as your subscription is active. The catch is that you have to be on the lookout because if the redemption period expires before you redeem the game, you do not get it for free.

Weekly Digital Xbox One And Xbox 360 Games Deals

The other benefit of Xbox Live Gold is that subscribers get exclusive weekly deals on the Deal With Gold. Much like the free games, if you do not take advantage of the deal within the week that it is available, it is gone. Once you spot a deal you like, grab it, and the game is yours forever.

One of the drawbacks of the Xbox Live Gold, though, is that the free games and exclusive deals are not likely to offer blockbuster new games immediately after they are released. This means that you have to wait a little longer to get it for free or at a discounted price. Apart from that, the experience that comes with Xbox Live Gold is worth every buck you spend on the subscription.

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