Recording Gameplay

Ultimate Guide for Recording Gameplay

With today’ advances in technology, there are already a lot of mediums to keep the young generation entertained. One of the best examples is by playing video games. In today’s era, video games don’t only entertain its direct players—it can also be completely satisfying to watch for viewers. This may be one of the reasons why there are players who want to try recording gameplay.

Why record your gameplay?

The most common reason why players are recording gameplay is for them to build their YouTube channels—where they have to submit video content in order to satisfy their subscribers. There are also other players who want to have a record of a specific part of their gameplay in order to show it off to their gamer friends. Aside from that, you can also use the recording of your gameplay in order to improve your game and have a reference to enhance your game tactics.

Free Capture Softwares to record your Game

There are programs for recording gameplay that are actually free, so you’re free to use them if you want. Here are a few sample programs for you to try:

Radeon ReLive

ReLive is a tool that allows players having Radeon graphics cards to capture their best game in just a few clicks. It has a 1080p/60 fps support together with an overlay that is completely easy to use—you can use it in order to capture screenshots or a short video or even start a stream. It can also put in a few custom graphics to your stream.

Windows 10 Game DVR

Gamers who have a Windows 10 PC can use the system’s built-in Game DVR. Just press Win + G to open up the Windows 10 Game Bar and pressing the big red record button to begin recording your gameplay. This DVR has a “Record That” function, which will let the player capture an amazing moment that just happened a few seconds ago. It supports 60-fps recording and 1080p resolution and has a lot of settings you can custom to your liking—like the quality of the audio, microphone volume, and hiding the mouse cursor during a game.


Fraps is a tool that is well-known for frame-rate-counting utility and for being a quite handy gameplay recorder. With just a single push of a button, it allows a player to capture his gameplay. This tool also has its own specific setting for 30-fps, 50-fps, and 60-fps recording. The only problem with the free version of Frap is the fact that it leaves a watermark on your stream. You can only enjoy an uncompromised version by paying for a $37 license.

Final Thoughts

There are actually a lot of tools you can use for recording your gameplay; all have their own pros and cons. Before choosing the right tool for you, make sure that you fully understand and know its capability so that you wouldn’t have any problems in recording your streams. You should also take note of their pros and cons in order to make a completely flawless game stream that can be enjoyed both by yourself or even by other players.

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