About Us

Nail’d Games started with a group of gamer friends who enjoy sharing their gaming experiences with each other. Our passion for games inspired us to establish a game review website so we can also share these experiences with fellow gamers. We know that oftentimes, game reviews are mostly subjective. In this light, we explore all possible areas in the game and try our best to be as accurate and sincere as possible in the reviews we come up with.

We at Nail’d Games believe that no one should have to go through the heartbreak of purchasing a game and getting totally bummed out if it’s actually not worth all the hype. We understand that games, unlike movies, can be constantly developed to satisfy gamers better and eliminate glitches and other problems, which is why we are not only doing this for the benefit of gamers and game buyers; we do this also because we want game developers to either improve the quality of their games, or applaud these people for doing a great job.

The game reviews we publish at Nail’d Games are not only based on the gaming experience we’ve had during its very first release. With most games, we deliver reviews upon every update to let our gamer readers know if the game has gotten much better (or worse). We believe that being constantly updated with new game releases as well as game updates is key aspect in maintaining a credible game review website.

Our game reviews can sometimes be ruthless, so the main advice we give our gamer readers is to not expect anything, especially with games they hold dear to them. Nail’d Games understands that as per the subjective nature of the reviews, we may all have varying opinions–some more validated than others–but in the end, our aim is always constructive criticism.