How to Submit a Game on Nail’d Games for Review

While we want to give reviews for every single game that’s ever existed, it’s not quite possible. Nevertheless, we want to be consistently updated with the latest game releases and updates. To help in this cause, Nail’d Games encourages all game companies, developers, and designers to submit your games to us for review. Here are the guidelines:

In order to get a review from Nail’d Games, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Game should be ready for public release and play.
  2. Company/developer should be willing to provide legal and complete copies of the game (for review and giveaway purposes).

Simply email us with your attached press kit, contact information, and guidelines on how and where to purchase your game.

The reviews we publish at Nail’d Games are based on our own gaming experience, and not from the gameplays of other reviews, so in this light, it is important to note that opinions may oftentimes vary. But bear in mind that whatever reviews we hand out, it is always constructive. We, at Nail’d Games, believe that a good review is crucial in a company’s marketing efforts, and we can make that possible!